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Dentinox Teething Gel 10 gm

Dentinox Teething Gel 10 gm

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Relieve your baby's teething pain and soothe their gums with sugar-free and antiseptic Teething Gel.

How to use

Apply a small amount of Gel on the tip of a clean finger
Gently massage the affected area of the baby’s gums
dentinox Teething is extremely safe and does not show contraindications even if swallowed


Dentinox Teething Gel contains the active ingredients lidocaine and cetylpyridinium. Lidocaine is one of a group of medicines called local anesthetics, which numb pain. Cetylpyridinium is an antiseptic that is used to treat minor wounds and minor infections of the mouth. Dentinox Teething Gel can be used to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with teething, in children from 5 months of age, when other non-medicinal methods such as massaging of the gums or use of teething rings do not provide necessary relief.


lidocaine hydrochloride, cetylpyridinium chloride

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